1. "Moreover, we cannot give an undistorted account of ‘a person’ without giving an account of his relation with others. Even an account of one person cannot afford to forget that each person is always acting upon others and acted upon by others. The others are there also. No one acts or experiences in a vacuum. The person whom we describe, and over whom we theorize, is not the only agent in his ‘world’. How he perceives and acts towards the others, how they perceive and act towards him, how he perceives them as perceiving him, how they perceive him as perceiving them, are all aspects of ‘the situation’. They are all pertinent to understanding one person’s participation in it."
    — r.d. laing, self and others (via becoming-vverevvolf)

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    "Calm Me Down" by Human Expression. This and "Optical Sound" over and over.


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    How James Joyce Got Awake


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  5. guided by voices - game of pricks

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  6. jackie deshannon - needles & pins

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  7. osborne brothers - rocky top

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    By Francisco Dominguez

    This week, a group of masked young men continued the siege of the Caracas offices of Venezuelan TV (VTV, a state channel) preventing the normal functioning of this TV outlet. They have set several bonfires all around the entrance perimeter of VTV threatening the normal thoroughfare of VTV journalists and other personnel, thus serious impairing the free functioning of this channel (see a recent report from Telesur here). The violence has involved the throwing of stones, bottles and Molotov Cocktails.

    As a consequence of this, VTV staff Mayra Cienfuegos, was wounded by firearm (see here). Earlier this week, the cameras caught a bunch of the besiegers being taught by a group leader how to make Molotov cocktails (see videos here and here)

    The attacks and violence against VTV have not been confined to Caracas, masked goons also attacked the Tachira offices of VTV on February 14, during which reportedly they used gasoline to set rubbish on fire preventing the free flow of traffic. And also VTV journalists have been the subject of attacks and abuse by the extreme right wing supporters of Leopoldo Lopez.

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  10. Film still from The New Babylon dir. Leonid Trauberg and Grigori Kozintsev (1929)

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  11. Politics will eventually be replaced by imagery. The politician will be only too happy to abdicate in favor of his image, because the image will be much more powerful than he could ever be.

    - Marshall McLuhan

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    Today in history: February 20, 1990 – The bitterly fought, militant 10-month Pittston coal strike ends in a victory against concessions for the workers.

    The strike was led by the United Mine Workers Union (UMWA) against the Pittston Coal Company. It started April 5, 1989 and was provoked by Pittston’s termination of health care for 1,500 retirees, widows, and disabled miners, and their refusal to contribute to the benefit trust for miners who retired before 1974. They also started running the mines 24-7 with no overtime for the workers. The strike affected production in mines in Virginia, WV and KY.

    Mine workers and their families engaged in work stoppage, occupations, civil disobedience, protests and direct confrontation, flaunting numerous legal injunctions and costly fines. At its peak in June 1989, the strike involved approximately 2,000 miners daily staying at Camp Solidarity with thousands more sending donations and holding wildcat walkouts that involved around 40,000 people. The participation of women through the formation of the Daughters of Mother Jones was an essential element of the successful strike.

    The strike was a victory against concessions: miners again received their benefits. Pittston had to pay $10 million toward the health care of the miners who had retired before 1974. The mines could stay open with extended shifts, but the amount miners had to work was limited by the agreement. The UMWA got the legal fines against them dropped, which had included $13,000 a day against individual union officials and a total of $64 million against the union.

    (image: marshalls attempt to arrest striking miners and their supporters)

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